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Control Your Business Finances

Process all your business transactions easily including payments of services. Record your daily sales and expenditures without hassle.

Safe Bookkeeping


You can trust that your funds are safe and secure, and all transactions are accounted for.

Easy to Use

The wallet feature is user-friendly, very easy to navigate and has no complications.

Quick Response

Perform your transactions in the twinkle of an eye. Stitchvine Wallet is fast, efficient and trustworthy.


Experience Swift Cash Flow

Manage budgets

Keep an eye on how funds flow in and out of your account. Plan your purchases and slash unnecessary costs from your revenue


Payment management

Send invoice, receive money and make payments with our easy to use self service app


 Be a pro manager with style

Seamless convenience for you

Get a virtual bank account enabling quick and easy transactions

Quick and secure payments

Manage all your business finance from one place

Data insights and analytics

Gather valuable data and insights about your cash flow and trends

Push notifications

Receive realtime notification on your device about payment updates


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