About - Stitchvine

About us

We Are Geared Towards Enabling Fashion Businesses to Succeed

We are a team dedicated to collaborating with entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to become better at what they do. Our primary purpose is to offer fashion businesses a platform to thrive, upscale and earn satisfactory profits.

Why do we exist

Our journey from inception

The idea of Stitchvine was conceived out of the need to alleviate the challenges perceived by fashion designers as well as fashion business owners. 

We discovered that it was tiring for entrepreneurs to deal with basic fashion design processes such as keeping customers' measurements details safe, identifying customer fabrics and respective styles including Inventory management. We understand the enormous tasks that these businesses have to go through in order to thrive and how difficult it could be. Perhaps, the evolution of digital technology makes it possible for us to automate these basic processes of operating a fashion design business.

Since businesses in the fashion industry are not limited to fashion design only, we built Stitchvine to also provide solutions and satisfy the needs of several fashion entities including fashion consulting and fashion retailing. Hence, the Stitchvine App is a many-in-one platform that is readily available for all entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to manage their fashion business activities and also enhance productivity.

Our Mission

Built for everyone

Our ultimate mission is to empower fashion businesses to unlock their full potential, maximize profits, and achieve remarkable growth. Through our all-in-one digital platform, we provide the tools and support required for businesses to scale and thrive in the competitive fashion industry.

Our Team

The Threads Helping You Weave

We are enthusiastic creators who embrace change and seek to make an impact in the fashion community!

Our commitment to sustainability

We are very much in tune with the constant needs of fashion businesses and as such we are committed to engaging in research and providing sustainable solutions continuously.

Our Core Values



We believe that every member of the organization deserves to be respected and acknowledged for their individual and collaborative efforts. We are overjoyous with our team's satisfaction and happiness.



We are united and this reflects in our teamwork. Every member is goal oriented and innovative and this paves the way for increased efficiency and productivity even on the most complex task.



We demonstrate professionalism and responsibility in every task we deliver. This improves our self-discipline traits and encourages us to carry out tasks with the utmost discretion.



We are confident in our skills and our capability as a team. We are skilled in our various niches therefore we do not take your business lightly.

Unleash your artistic potential and join our vibrant creative team to fuel your growth and make an impact in the industry.