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Fashion design is now at its finest. Embrace the digital change, record all your customers' details, avoid mix-ups of styles, measurements and even customer fabrics. Stay consistent with your delivery deadlines.

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Be a boss who delegates, give your staff access to manage some business activities and simplify your work process. Set a limit to staff access as you wish


We notify and remind you of the order due dates. This keeps you in check and cancels out disappointments, increasing your credibility with customers

Organized workspace

Take charge of your workspace, streamline essential processes and eliminate the burdens of business management with seamless automation

Time management

Effectively manage your time by scheduling, delegating task, and monitoring deadlines

Work Smarter, Faster and Better

Increased customer retention rate

Attract and retain customers by giving them the best experience. From fabric selection and style preference to measurements and delivery timelines, manage all customer details in one place. Plus, customers can easily provide their measurements without the need for in-person meetings, ensuring their data is securely saved for future reference

Streamline your orders with precision

Create new orders, update order details and payments with our user-friendly interface. Stay on top of each customer's journey, ensure timely delivery and process your orders with ease

Stand out with your catalog

A well-structured catalogue helps to display a variety of styles you have worked on which gives your customers an impression of your expertise

Customized receipts & invoices

Everyone loves a fashion designer who takes even the tiniest detail into consideration. Easily generate invoices and receipts for orders and share to your customers

Self Fits

Stay ahead of competitors. With Self Fits, your customer can provide you their information from anywhere at anytime


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